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Beatoven is a device that lets you generate complex and personal music through pattern recognition and motion sensoring. The concept is centered around loops and samples so that everyone, not just people with knowledge of music theory can enjoy the experience and create music. The users are able to record and share their personal songs if they wish.

Beatoven was part of a four week module called Exploring Technology and the HI-10 exhibition. Beatoven actually got so popular that it got a lot of offers from other exhibitions around in Europe.

In this project I was the one responsible for the music visuals as well as working with the technology. After a lot of research how to make a music visualization for our purpose I chosen Quartz Composer (Xcode) and tried out a lot of different ways. I made a couple of different compositions, but what we wanted was particles in a lot of colors, so that's what I designed.

The visualization is showing particles that is shot from left to right, but with a lot of different parameters, such as frequency and volume. The particles changed color within the RGB scale depending on the frequency. The speed, position and amount of particles varied depending on the volume peaks.

Produced at
Hyper Island

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Team members: Kalle Schütz, Filip Nordin,
Richard Hedberg, William Hollowell,
Martin Flodin & Daniel Elg